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'The Lighter Side' published Nov '15

From the paramedic pondering a dignified solution as he surveys his previously digested Pot Noodle adorning the naked genitalia of a recently deceased lady, to the man who rang the doctor Out of Hours service with an audibly severe case of excess flatulence, with hilarious consequences, 'The Lighter Side - An NHS Paramedic's Selection of Humorous Mess Room Tales' will have you laughing out loud then looking around furtively, wondering if you should!

The Dark Side Now in Paperback

Paperback books on paramedics31 October 2014 - The Dark Side parts 1 and 2 are now available in paperback. Having successfully debuted on Amazon's digital format for Kindle, traditional versions of both of Andy Thompson's first two books are now on the shelves for anyone who prefers the feel of a real book! And the stories are every bit as moving... perhaps in some ways even more moving in traditional print format, but that probably depends on whether you sway towards traditional or digital for your bedtime read.

'The Dark Side Part 2' published June '14

Following up on Andy Thompson's well-received first book, 'The Dark Side Part 2 - Real Life Accounts of an NHS Paramedic - The Traumatic, the Tragic and the Tearful' provides another captivating, thought-provoking and at times intense glimpse into the daily life of a Paramedic working in Britain's National Health Service. Read more...

A moving review

Andy Thompson's books on the day to day life of a Paramedic tell of sometimes sad, sometimes uplifting accounts of incidents he has attended to during a career in the frontline of Britain's emergency ambulance service. Many readers have been moved to leave reviews after reading one of Andy's books, and one review in particular is in itself moving and an inspiration to others. Read more...

Now in Paperback

The Dark Side paramedic book in paperback

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Coming Soon!

The Lighter Side - Part 2, a new book from Andy Lighter-Side-Part-2-maskedslideThompson coming in 2021. Like the first, it will have you laughing out loud then wondering if you should!